KYC500-12 medium voltage switchgear

Published Date:2016-12-15


KYC500-12 series are the side-mounted compact-type intelligent medium voltage switchgears produced by Zhongshan Mingyang Electric Co., Ltd., which consists of side-mounted circuit breaker plus intelligent monitoring device (main IED), electronic current, voltage transformer, junction temperature sensor in switchgear, sensor of environmental temperature and humidity, potential indicator and automatic heating and dehumidification devices. It owns the primary main wiring diagram, operation parameter, electrification and other display functions; It has various control functions such as control of circuit breaker, motor earthing switch, local/remote control of electric chassis, etc., Comprehensive protection, arc protection function and other protection functions. The GPRS/4G and Wi-Fi module are inlaid. It supports the Modbus RTU, Modbus Plus, IEC61850 (MMS method and Goose), IEC103\104 and other communication protocol as well as the data.encryption function of State Grid / Southern Power Grid.